About Sundaes and Cones
Founded in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in 1991, Sundaes and Cones offers premium quality ice cream. Even after almost two decades, we continue to reinvent the concept of homemade ice cream. As demand for our product grew, we decided to take our local ice cream creations and introduce them to the cosmopolitan creatures of the City. In May 2006, Sundaes and Cones officially relocated to the East Village. Over the last few years, we have come to establish a chic reputation that is novel yet familiar.

Committed to providing our customers with an experience of something new, we offer a selection of homemade creations that have been delicately churned and infused with distinct ingredients. Flavors range from the classics of Vanilla and Chocolate to the striking flavors of Wasabi, Ginger, Corn, Tiramisu and Black Sesame. In addition, we offer non-fat and no-sugar-added ice cream for your selection.

While you are in our parlor, please feel free to ask for a sample taste.


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